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Car benefit: double cab pick up trucks rules changing

Updated: Feb 23

The tax treatment of double cab pickups is changing from 1 July 2024. HMRC has quietly announced that these type of vehicles used for business and personal use will be loosing their commercial vehicle status.

Under current benefit-in-kind rules, double cab pick-ups that have a payload of 1 tonne (1,000kg) or more is accepted as a van for benefit purposes. From 1 July 2024, HMRC will no longer interpret the legislation that defines car and van for tax purposes. This approach for double cab pickups differentiated based on payload, with anything under one tonne classified as a car, and anything a tonne and over as a van. The new rules mean most if not all double cab pickups will be classified as cars when calculating the benefit charge. This is because typically these vehicles are equally suited to convey passengers and goods and have no predominant suitability.   

Existing vehicles purchased or leased before 1 July 2024 will continue to pay the company tax at the lower rate until April 2028. Any double cab pick-up that has been modified, such as by removing the seats and fittings, may also still be considered as a commercial vehicle.

We will updated you when more information has been released.

Last Update: 23/02/2024 - Blog post 'UPDATE - Car benefit: double cab pick up trucks rules changing'

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