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DEADLINE to fill any gaps in your national insurance record

HMRC have announced the extension deadline to top up national insurance contributions. The extension will end on 31st July 2023, so if you have gaps in your national insurance record, now is the time to make voluntary contributions.

If you are not already aware, taxpayers that have gaps in their NI record can mean that you may not have enough years of NI contributions to receive State Pension or other benefits.

Usually, it is possible to make voluntary NI contributions for the past six tax years to fill in any gaps in your record but, the current extension in place means taxpayers can make voluntary NI contributions going back to April 2006 and will be at the 2022/23 voluntary NI rates. From 1st August 2023 the timeframe for making voluntary NI contributions will return back to the usual six year timeframe. The voluntary class 3 rate was due to apply from 6th April 2023 but due to the current extension it means this rate will not apply until 1 August 2023.

For more information on voluntary nation insurance contribution and how/when to pay please visit:

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